Individual antenatal education including all topics (8h)


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Tutorial covers one of the selected topics (each includes theoretical and practical part, lasting a total of about 2 hours):

  1. Pregnancy

The course of pregnancy along with the obligatory examination calendar, pregnancy complaints, pregnancy activity, disturbing symptoms. Additionally: preparing the bag for the hospital as well as tips on when to go to the hospital and the signs of the commencement of labor.

  1. Newborn baby

Tutorial on newborn care and bathing. Educating parents in hospital procedures, sleep, circadian rhythm, safety and childcare. Discussing adaptive states in a newborn, first walks outside and the correct carrying of a child, as well as first aid in colic.

  1. Puerperium

Preparation for the first 6 weeks after childbirth, discussing the course of individual weeks, alleviation of puerperal ailments, care of the postpartum wound, dealing with disturbing symptoms in the puerperium.

  1. Lactation

Principles of food production, management of the most common lactation problems: overload, food stagnation, stimulation of lactation in the first days. Principles of breastfeeding, weight control of the child. Assessment of the correct attachment to the breast and sucking of the newborn. Management of breast pain.

Duration: 8h

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