Marta Juszczak

Certified Lactation Adviser (CLC)
International Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

I am a midwife, a graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw. I have been working in the profession since 2018. I gained professional experience at the University Clinical Center of the Medical University of Warsaw, where I was on duty at the Labor and Obstetrics Ward, and also worked as a lactation educator, providing lactation consultations in the hospital for sick children and their mothers. I am constantly developing professionally by taking part in courses and conferences, expanding and updating my knowledge (certificates available below). On a daily basis, I support parents in the perinatal period – educating, preparing for childbirth and childcare, as well as providing lactation advice both during pregnancy and after delivery. Development is very important to me, so I constantly update and gain knowledge in the field of perinatal care.

How I can help you?

difficulties in attaching the baby at the breast,
finding and treating the cause of pain during breastfeeding,
control of the baby weight gain,
education and nursing problems of the newborn,
preparing for parenthood based on both established experience and latest research in midwifery,
weaning the baby,
teaching alternative feeding methods (bottle feeding, tube feeding, Supplemental Nursing System).